Animal Control in SacramentoAnimal control in Sacramento CA and surrounding counties is our specialty at Master Pest Patrol. Our methods are humane and always environmentally-friendly. We have a dedicated staff that knows how to handle wildlife safely but who can get the job done right. Our services include:

It’s inevitable that with housing expanding continuously into wildlife habitats that there will be problems with animals in some yards or homes. We understand that most of our customers don’t want the wildlife harmed. Often, though, you need help with what can at the very least be an inconvenience or even sometimes dangerous.

We can provide the solutions you need that keep the wildlife out of your home and yard, while still ensuring that the animals are protected as well whenever possible. Whether you have a problem with bats in your attic, raccoons in your garbage or coyotes endangering your family pets, we have the answer. Call the best animal control Sacramento has.

Animal Control Services

  • Trapping services for various animals such as gophers, skunks, and even coyotes.
  • Eviction of bats from attics
  • Dead animal removal
  • Fencing to keep out snakes and rabbits
  • Cleanup and removal of biological waste
  • Bird control
  • Different types of wildlife barriers
  • Emergency animal removal service


Animal ControlWhen you need animal control in Sacramento, CA, the right place to call is Master Pest Patrol. We offer free consultations so we can discuss all options with you. Give us a call today. 916-747-3099