Coyote Control for Ranchers

coyote-sheep The damage and stress to livestock caused by coyotes cost California ranchers thousands of dollars. Veterinarian bills, lower breeding rates, and loss of weight are all part of the costs suffered by herds that have been hunted by coyotes.

Coyotes have also killed full-sized cattle, calves and other domestic animals.

Cattle and calf losses from animal predators totaled nearly 220 thousand head during 2010. This represented 5.5 percent of the total deaths in the US and resulted in a loss of $98.5 million to farmers and ranchers. Coyotes and dogs caused the majority of cattle and calf predator losses accounting for 53.1 percent and 9.9 percent respectively. In 2010, California saw over 10,600 cattle killed by coyotes. Coyotes lead all of the other predators claiming 57% of all attacks by predators.

Overall, coyotes lead the pack as the single largest cause of death, at 26 percent. In fact, only severe weather conditions and old age claim more sheep than coyotes. For lambs, coyotes are the number one cause of death, racking up more carcasses than weather, disease or other factors.

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