Pigeon Trapping


Pigeons caught in traps ready to be moved out.

We offer pigeon trapping for many commercial and industrial situations such as supermarkets, hospitals, power plants, waste and environmental services. Pigeon trapping is a very effective manner in reducing large flocks from returning to the area. It is ideal in situations were avicide poisons are not convenient to use and is the most humane way of controlling pigeons. Pigeons are extremely stubborn and often will not leave without an aggressive plan of action. Many of the facilities that we treat are like a magnet to pigeons and scare tactics do not work the best for pigeons that have already been harboring on the premises.

Traps are checked on a regular basis and the pigeons are given sufficient water and food. The process takes about 5 weeks to remove most of the birds.

Call us for an estimate for removal of those unwanted pigeons on your premises.