Snake Control

Master Pest Patrol offers snake control in the Sacramento area. The best way to catch a rattlesnake is to get there before it has a chance to move away or hide, and in most cases a call requesting snake removal in Sacramento results in immediate departure. To help ensure speedy arrival, you may want to email your address while you call or shortly after.

Snake Control Sacramento is usually a simple action if done by a person with experience and know how with rattlesnakes and other Sacramento snakes. A large majority of rattlesnake bites happen when individuals untrained and inexperienced in how to capture a rattlesnake try it themselves, without calling Sacramento Animal Control experts. I use a twist-lock bucket and one of two different tools to safely remove rattlesnakes. If the home owner is able to keep an eye on the snake until I arrive, the capture usually only takes a few moments.

Often, snakes of California, when seen, are just temporary residents. Most snakes in the Sacramento area avoid the daytime heat and become active at night, taking cover after the sun warms the ground. This is most often when people find them. When you see a rattle snake, do not come close to it, and try and determine whether the snake is moving or resting. This information will be helpful to the Sacramento animal control agent to find and catch the snake.


California rattlesnake species include the northern Pacific rattlesnake (in northern California), and the Western Diamondback, Sidewinder, Speckled rattlesnake, Red Diamond rattlesnake. Rattlesnakes can cause serious injury to humans on rare occasions. The California Poison Control Center notes that rattlesnakes account for more than 800 bites each year with one to two deaths. Most bites occur between the months of April and October when snakes and humans are most active outdoors.

Immediately move to a safe area a decent distance away from the rattlesnake
Keep eye contact on the snake as much as possible until the animal control agent comes
If you are able to, help get me there even faster by texting your street address to 916-747-3099
Try and catch a rattlesnake, or other snake you cannot 100% identify
Confront or bother the rattle snake or push any boundaries to to get pics or a better look